Defining the Lines of Consent.

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What do we do?

#BlurredLinesSM, is a global student run campaign that works on creating awareness on sexual assault and violence. We are primarily an awareness campaign and focus on three aspects: consent education, social and legal awareness and peer to peer education.

Consent Education

Consent education involves better sex education. We encourage students to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies so that they are able to experience positive relationships. Consent education focuses on changing a culture where locker room talk is the norm. Our work brings attention to the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses as well as motivate survivors to speak up.

Social and Legal Awareness

Our event series Reclaiming Justice DC focuses on informing the public about resources available to them. Our panelists include local police departments, government authorities and NGOs. These departments and organizations are the forefront of fighting the issue of sexual assault and rape on college campuses and our neighborhoods.

Peer to Peer Education

Informing and providing access and resources to youth to share and spread the message of ‘Consent Not Coercion’ among their respective communities. Every community is different, we believe engaging in the youth will give us the opportunity to create a culturally sensitive and appropriate consent education system.

Our Team

Vinuri Dissanayake

Executive Director

Laura Russo

Operations Director

Sophia Lane

Operations Director

Callie Galfas

Creative Director

Amrita Mantha

Financial Director

Matthew Fan

Technical Director

Nangesian Waters

Compliance Director

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